Catch Dryness Before it Catches You!

Fending off illness this time of year can be a challenge.  Vishu, from Stillpoint Ayurveda, offers some easy to follow Ayurvedic guidelines that can help boost your immunity and keep you in action all winter long. It is with great urgency and passion that I

Vegan Fried Rice & Zucchini Bowl

This quick, easy and healthy recipe from Heather Caplan, a registered dietitian based in DC and San Francisco, will keep you warm all winter long! When I cook brown rice I always make much more than needed because a) it’s almost impossible not to, with the crazy way

For the LOVE of Yoga

                              As we approach Valentine’s Day, love is in the air.  Celebrate love with your someone special, or your true love – YOU – and plan for a little self care. 

Meditate for Peace: Calling all Studios & Yogis

                                      We are yogis in turbulent times. Most of us have never felt the waves of the instability in our country the way we feel them today. 

Ayurvedic Lentil Soup

                                    So simple, but so full of flavor.  If lentils scare you off, then you’ve never had red lentils – mild, delicious and packed with nutrition. INGREDIENTS: 1/2

Ommm Smile: Reflection of the Soul

Nikki, a Mother, Wife, Healer, & Hopeful Suburban Homesteader, reminds us why we practice – to create space in our hearts for joy and grace, and to find our smile.  The goal of asana is to condition the body to settle in and quiet itself. To teach the

Ask the Teacher: Getting What You Need From Your Practice

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for a day, a week, or month, we all have questions. It can be daunting to approach your teacher after class, so we’re bringing the expert to you! This week, Brittany Policastro, Philadelphia-based yoga teacher, facilitator, writer and founder/director of Beyond Asana,

Beauty Blooms from Muddy Waters: A Guide to Getting Unstuck

We all have our ups and downs. Without those bitter moments, we would not appreciate the sweetness that life has to offer. What do you do when life brings you down?   Amy Rizzotto, Owner and Founder of Move Well DC, shares a few lessons that

New Year’s Yoga in the Philly Area!

Close out 2016 and welcome 2017 on your mat! Here’s what’s going on in the Philly area! NEW YEAR’S EVE New Year’s Eve Morning Vinyasa Class 8:00 to 9:00 AM Cost: $12 Last day of 2016! How about an energizing yoga class to celebrate bringing

Yoga is for EVERY Body

This week, Kerri Hanlon, co-founder and creator of the Adaptive Yoga Program at Yoga Home, takes a look at her relationship with adaptive yoga, and the lessons she has learned during her journey so far.  They enter the studio by walking, wheelchair and scooter. Their