About Us

Find Yoga in Philadelphia & Beyond

We are an online directory for yoga and wellness, focused on building a yoga community within the Philadelphia area. Find  yoga studios, yoga teacher trainings, workshops, retreats and yoga events in Philly, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

We strive to equally represent all studios and teachers, as we are not owned or operated by any particular studio or affiliation. Our goal is to be the voice for the students, teachers and studios.

As yoga continues to grow in popularity, so do the number of students, instructors, studios and yoga events. Not even 10 years ago, a serious yoga practitioner who was looking to further their practice would find opportunities few and far between – perhaps traveling across the country or ocean to find what they desired. Today, yoga studios are opening almost monthly, and new instructors are certified daily – right here in or own community. We don’t need to travel hundreds, or thousands of miles to experience excellent instruction and opportunity.

Philly Area Yoga shares with you yoga opportunities that are easily accessible – without extensive travel or expense. Whether you’re looking to take your first class or enroll in a teacher training, you can find it here.

We invite you to join us – share, discover and help create our yoga community.