Still Point Ayurveda

Vishnu is a holistic healthcare provider and been practicing since 2003 and established Still Point Ayurveda in 2009, in Philadelphia, PA. He has an East meets West philosophy and provides a natural and holistic approach based on the world’s oldest continually practiced system of medicine called Ayurveda, and sister science,Yoga.


UNIQUE and first in Philadelphia, is this Ayurvedic center that is home to traditional Ayurvedic practices and many other holistic modaliities. Still Point Ayurveda is a small private practice primarily located in W. Mt. Airy, Philadelphia Pa., with the intention of it being a simple comfortable traditional/non-traditional environment to practice this system of holistic healthcare.

There are healthcare package plans available on the website, as well as monthly offerings involving specials on treatments, health tidbits, recipes and upcoming events.
6911 Cresheim Road, Philadelphia, PA 19119
Phone:(215) 356-7270


  1. Lisa Harmon :


    I am looking for a Yoga Studio for my Mother who is Fighting Cancer. Can you please
    send me some information regarding Times and Costs?

    Thank-you so much!

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