Meditate for Peace: Calling all Studios & Yogis


We are yogis in turbulent times. Most of us have never felt the waves of the instability in our country the way we feel them today.  And if you’ve been awake for even a few moments lately – you can see that you are not alone.  What we need more than ever is to come together.  Community – whether we share the same views or not – can help us to see that we are all one.

Our local yogi, Judy Curiel, is working to build community by asking teachers of mediation, meditation centers and yoga studios to join in this movement through meditation.

Please join in creating space to Meditate for Peace.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Dedicate at least 30 minutes at your place of business.  You can opt to commit to once a month or once a week.
  2. Offer a meditation at that time.  The type of meditation is up to you.  It could simply be a silent time for your community to gather.
  3. These meditations must be free to students, however, donations are accepted. Donations will be pooled and gifted to local charities.

A handful of local centers are already involved, but we really want this to grow BIG! Please consider getting involved.

If you wish to take part, please email Judy Curiel at with details of location, address, time and day. She is organizing this effort and will create a master list that will be published and advertised on Philly Area Yoga and elsewhere.

The goal is to have a full list of meditations up and running in several locations by the end of March.  Ready?  Let’s come together!


  1. The world is a turbulent place. There is good reason to separate cultures, ideologies, religions, dialects and yes, even races. History has shown repeatedly that these things do not commingle well. There is much in literature that speaks to this time. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The difference is visibility. The fact that I can right this so easily and share it with the world is why you believe these are the worst times ever. A person can only handle so much negative information. Take heart. This too, shall pass …

Share your experience/comments.


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